Customize Your Rug


All comissions require a 50 % deposit. Once work has been started on the rug, the deposit will no longer be refundable. The rug can take 2-6 weeks to finish (depending on the  work load at the time). After the rug is finished, i will contact you per email  for the remainder of the amount owed, once paid we will send out your rug within 72 hours.

Image & Sizing

Based on the image you provide, I will determine if the design is possible to be made into a Rug. Pricing starts at 250 for a standard 2 x 2 ft (24 inch x 24 inch) rug, and that rate is subject to change depending on complexity of design of rug. I can make rugs of any size neeed up to 5 ft x 5ft (60 inch x 60 inch) Please make sure to properly measure the space intended for the rug or have an idea of the intended size of your rug.

Pricing (Pricing may be subject to change depending on design and complexity)
24 Inch € 250
30 inch € tbc
36 inch € tbc
60 inch € tbc

Email me at of what you want as a rug and write a short description with an image attachment. You will then be contacted per mail to discus the design if it can be done or not and after agreement I will send the first invoice for the rug.